over 25 years of KNOWLEDGE & EXPERIENCE

This extensive knowledge, wisdom and experience gets passed down to every Superintendent, Foreman and Employee at ENDURA Painting Corp. Our field workers are able to perform a variety of different tasks and jobs.



We work on all types of commercial buildings whether they are new Buildings, Remodels,Additions or Tenant Improvements.

Commercial Painting encompasses just about everything listed below.

  • Office Buildings
  • Gas Stations
  • Condos
  • Retail Buildings
  • Bank Branches
  • Medical Facilities
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels, Apartment
  • Business Centers and Shopping Centers

In addition to Commercial Painting Projects, we also work on Residential Painting Projects of all kinds. They range anywhere from your average 3 bedroom 1-story home, to your Multi-Million dollar high-end home, Home Owner’s Associations (HOA’s), Multi-Building Apartments and Condos.

We have vast experience working on large and small Condominium Complexes as well as Apartment Complexes. Whether they are new Condos that range from 5-35 Units and beyond, or if you just need to repaint the Interior or Exterior for a refreshed look, we can provide any and all the Painting Services to complete your project and give your Complex a New, Long Lasting and Beautiful Look.

IWe make repainting Home Owners Associations an easier experience for both Property Managers and HOA Board Members. Our focus on Customer Service fits very well when painting a vast amount of Homes and working with countless Families and Homeowners. We take pride in listening to every Homeowner’s needs and concerns. We work diligently to accomplish a successful and expectation exceeding Home Owners Association Exterior Painting Project.

More and more Concrete Tilt-up Buildings are being built as they provide a faster and more efficient way to construct a new Building. Painting those same Buildings (Warehouses, Retail Stores, Office Buildings, Business Centers) is a little different than your average stucco buildings. It requires a certain level of knowledge so that the paint job can last longer, with no failing paint issues ever.

There are all kinds of Retail Stores, from big to small, Intricately Decorated to a Simplistic Design. Whether its a Tenant Improvement, New Buildup or Addition. We can paint your Open Ceilings using Dryfall Paint, Paint or Stain all wood trim or apply Anti-Graffiti Coatings to all Exterior Surfaces. We can do this plus much more.

Restaurant differ from most Buildings in regards to the Health Standards that are necessary. We have lots of experience working with Anti-Microbial paints or 0 VOC paints. Epoxy coatings are also necessary in some areas or surfaces. We will work with you to make sure that your Restaurant will be an inviting and pleasant place to dine in time and time again.

High-End 5-Star Homes away from Home….and everything in between. We can repaint both the interiors and exteriors of current buildings while tenants are still inside, as we can always just work around them with no bother at all. We will also work with General Contractors in painting entirely new structures.

Churches, Mosques and Places of Worship of all kinds always need to look their best. We can provide a “WOW” factor when the congregation enters the Worship room. A good looking Church, both inside and out, can give you a sense of pride and belonging. Stained decorative wood and faux painted walls are just two examples of visual enhancements. We can also renovate, refresh & rejuvenate all Historical Landmarks.

EAN! We provide Anti-microbial painting services, Zero VOC Paint, Environmentally Friendly Green Paint, as well as Epoxy Coatings for a nice, clean and sterile painted surface.

Types of Projects

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We have pride in our quality of work and the ability to paint over many materials with a variety of different paints & coatings.