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AT ENDURA, WE BID COMPETITIVELY AND FAIRLY. We are able to negotiate prices that can be beneficial to both you and us. If you’re happy and we’re happy...then we’re gooood!

WE ARE FAMILY OWNED AND OPERATED. This helps us in giving better prices since we don’t have to pay 5 Estimators, 4 Accountants, 3 Sales Reps and 2 Human Resource employees. We staff employees where it matters most, out in the field. We have a much smaller overhead than larger companies, and our quality is never sacrificed! 

WE SHOP SMART AND BUY IN BULK. We buy our materials in bulk which saves us lots of money. We also work very closely with our vendors so we get the best prices, deals and offers. We then pass on those savings to customers like you!

WE KNOW THAT PREP WORK IS 80% OF ANY GOOD QUALITY PAINT JOB. The more time and better job you do at preparing the substrate for paint, the longer it will last and the better it will look!

WE HAVE PRIDE IN THE WORK WE DO. There are too many companies who just don’t care. Well, we care and we have pride! To us, a top quality paint job is our priority...and our guaranty will prove it!

SOME COMPANIES LIKE TO TAKE THEIR MONEY AND RUN. Well, we like to finish the job, stay and keep coming back. Return customer and referrals account for over 60% of our calls. That in itself says a lot about how satisfied all of our customers are with our customer service, efficiency and quality!

WE ARE INNOVATIVE. We constantly strive to be better, faster and more efficient. This usually takes much creativity and innovation. We constantly come up with new methods and even create our own inventions to make things better and easier.

WE ARE FRIENDLY TO OUR ENVIRONMENT. We recycle our paint by giving away all of our leftover paint to the local churches or shelters. We even hand away a few gallons of paint to those people in need. We also recycle all of our papers and plastics. And in order to waste less paper, we look over all the blueprints digitally, without having to print a single plan set!

WE KNOW WHAT IT TAKES TO BE GREEN. We study the L.E.E.D. Certification guidelines and what it takes to be a GREEN Building. We work with our paint vendors to use and understand the newest and future in paint technologies like GREEN Certified paints with low-or no-odor and no VOC’s. We work with the latest in Direct-to-Metal Latex Enamel, Floor Epoxies, Roof Tile Epoxies, Concrete Stains, wet season paints and other Commercial & Residential Coatings.

OUR OWNER HAS OVER 25 YEARS EXPERIENCE IN THE INDUSTRIAL, COMMERCIAL AND RESIDENTIAL PAINTING & COATINGS INDUSTRY. This extensive knowledge, wisdom and experience gets passed down to every Superintendent, Foreman and Employee at ENDURA Painting Corp.

WE HAVE MULTI-TALENTED, KNOWLEDGEABLE AND SKILLED PAINTERS. Our field workers are able to perform a variety of different tasks and jobs. We take very good care of our employees so our turnover rate is very low. So because of this, we have a great team that has been together for many years and have experienced many things...Together!

WE ALSO HOLD A CLASS B - GENERAL CONTRACTORS LICENSE. We are primarily a Painting Contractor, but since we also carry this distinction, we can do way more than just the painting trade, like Stucco Work, Electrical, Roofing, Flooring, Carpentry, Cabinetry, Concrete and much much more!

WE CAN DO A VARIETY OF JOBS IN THE FIELD. Because of our diverse knowledge and experience, we can do more things like Acoustical Removal, Crown & Base Mouldings, Drywall, Texturing, Sandblasting, Water Blasting, Wood Fascia Repair & Replacement and many more jobs. Whatever you need help in, we’ll be there to help you out!

WE NOT ONLY TAKE PRIDE IN OUR QUALITY, WE ALSO PRIDE IN OUR CUSTOMER SERVICE. We pay special attention to each of our customers and in every single project we do for them. Follow-ups and following-through is essential to our success.

WE WORK SIDE-BY-SIDE-BY-SIDE with our Property Managers, Board Members and Material Vendors. Together, we develop the best strategies, the best process and the best coatings for each project. 

PROFESSIONALISM IS A MUST! Our Field Superintendents, Foreman and painters are the most professional, trustworthy and friendly people out there. These are our customer’s homes... we respect both the home and the people living in it.

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