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ENDURA Painting Facebook "Like" us Campaign

by Angel Fuerte on 08/24/12


Be one of the First 100 People to "Like" us on Facebook, and be entered into a Drawing for a chance to win one of three $50 Visa Gift Cards. Just clink on this link: http://conta.cc/PTDN3y and it will take you to the campaign site. "Like" us soon because all the spots will fill up quickly!

CAI-GLAC Game Night (ENDURA Presidential Speech)

by Angel Fuerte on 08/08/12

Well, it is great to see so many of you here tonight. Let me start off by saying a little something about ENDURA Painting. We are a Family Owned and Operated Company that emphasizes Honesty, Integrity, Quality Work and Customer Care. The Owner, Luis Fuerte has over 35 Years experience in the Painting Industry as a Master Journeyman Painter. ENDURA has successfully completed many HOA projects, including Condos, Communities, Townhomes and Skyrises, from New Builds, to remodels and just Full Re-Paints.

But I am here tonight to campaign for a better and brighter future. I, Angel Fuerte from ENDURA Painting, propose to raise the Standard of Excellence in Painting….

-        -Where Honesty is a Habit and not a Lie. How nice would it be for a painter to actually do what they say they will do, and not take shortcuts or do things that will end up costing the Community thousands of dollars more in the near future.

-        -Where a Painter will not Nickel and Dime you for every little thing. Where you will not receive Change Order after Change Order for things that should have been included in the Scope of Work in the first place.

-        -Where Customer Care is a priority and not a Drag. So you can call the person in charge and talk to them right away, and not wait a few days later until they call you back. And where project updates are consistent, and schedules are followed.

-       - Where the utmost respect for yourself, your employees, your vendors, your clients, and most importantly, your tenants is a way of life.

-        -Where actual professionals roam the complex, neatly dressed in uniform, working skillfully, safely and efficiently.

-        -Where when mistakes happen, they are actually fixed, not hidden, ignored, covered-up or blatantly blamed on someone else.

-        -Where safety procedures are put in place not only to protect the painting company, managers and communities from huge costs, but to make sure that a Little Girls Daddy can come home every night Safe and Sound, so they can continue to put food on the table, pay the bills and keep a roof over their tiny little heads.

-        -And where a beautiful paint job lasts many many years, and does not start to peel, flake and fade after just a few months.

Abraham Lincoln once said, “Give me 6 hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first 4 sharpening the ax”. The same thought should go into painting. If we are given six hours to paint a room, we need to spend the first 4 hours prepping it to paint. That makes for a more beautiful and longer lasting Finish.

And Finally to end my speech, our 1st American President, George Washington, said that “Discipline is the soul of an Army”. Well, I would like to believe that Discipline is also the soul of ENDURA Painting.

Thank You.

ENDURA Partners with Habitat for Humanity

by Angel Fuerte on 10/21/11

ENDURA Painting is proud to annouce that we have been blessed with the Opportunity to Partner with Habitat for Humanity. Our first home we will work on, of hopefully many more coming in the near future, is in the City of Lynwood, CA on 163rd Street.

Through the work of Habitat, thousands of low-income families have found new hope in the form of affordable housing. Churches, community groups and... others have joined together to successfully tackle a significant social problem ? decent housing for all.

Today, Habitat for Humanity has built more than 400,000 houses, sheltering more than 2 million people worldwide. Visit http://www.habitat.org/default.aspx for more info about Habitat for Humanity and how to volunteer and donate. Go to our Facebook photo album for up to date photos and information on our work with Habitat for Humanity.

ENDURA Painting Awarded the Athens Park Gym Painting

by Angel Fuerte on 09/21/11

ENDURA Painting is proud to annouce that we have been awarded the Interior and Exterior Painting at the Athens Park Gym in Los Angeles, CA.

Located within the historic Athens Village, Athens Park features two large baseball diamonds, a gymnasium, swimming pool, large community room and a computer lab. In addition to 20 acres of attractive urban parkland, Athens Park provides year-round recreational programs including after-school and summer day camps, youth sports such as basketball, baseball, tackle football, cheerleading, “Amp It Up!” summer Lunch, and After school snack program. Visit http://parks.lacounty.gov/Parkinfo.asp?URL=cms1_033388.asp&Title=Athens+Park for Park info. and Visit our Facebook Photo Album for Up-to-Date Project Photos.

ENDURA Painting Awarded Rochester Hills Condos Painting

by Angel Fuerte on 09/21/11

ENDURA Painting is proud to annouce that we have been awarded the Exterior Painting at the Rochester Hill Condos in Los Angeles, CA. The Rochester Hill Condos are a Beautiful 24-Unit High End complex neighboring Beverly Hills, CA. We are to Powerwash and Paint the Exterior Stucco Surfaces, Wrought Iron Fencing and Gates, Wood Gates, Concrete Steps, Repair Hairline Cracks with Elastomeric Paint and Repair Broken Concrete Steps and Stucco. Visit our Facebook Page for Project Photos and Comments.